Long Marston C E Primary School is a small school providing a welcoming, enthusiastic, healthy and secure environment for all its children.
Our vision is to develop independent learners whose Christian values give them integrity, creativity and a love of life.
We believe that all our children can achieve high standards within a balanced curriculum.
We set high expectations of self and others, encouraging pupils to value learning, to respect one another, and to be confident in themselves.

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    Please join us for our Easter service in church on Friday at 9.10 am.




  • Hamish for being kind, thoughtful and supportive to others.
    Evelyn for great reading and fantastic answers.
    George for trying something new at lunchtime and liking it.
    George for helping other children in French.
    William H for excellent RE about Rabbis.
    Anna M for excellent spelling work on plurals.
    Ella and Emma for lovely nocturnal animal pictures which they decided to add labels to.
    Jonas for excellent RE work on synagogues.
    Emma and Ollie for working out the coded messages left by Mrs Booth.
    Tom for being alert and responsive in class.
    Evelyn and Jacob T for jumping in by themselves at swimming.
    Archie and Oliver for great progress in swimming.
    Poppy and Izabelle for modelling good sitting behaviour on the carpet.