Class 3 are taught by Mrs Temple, with help from Mrs Coombes and Mrs Haggart. We are children from Years 4 and 6.  Key Stage 2 all work together in the afternoons with Mrs Temple or Mrs Savage.

This half term we are learning about Heroes.


Homework 27.3.14


Level 3 children are moving on to the Level 4 book this week. Any incomplete pages from Level 3 will be completed in class this week.

Level 4 - Practice test. Choose from 1, 2, 3 and 4.



As we have finished the English homework books we are starting a new workbook for Year 4 this week.

Level 4 Workbook - Page 1, 26 & 27: Alphabetical Order and Definitions

SATs Punctuation - Page 15-18: Inverted comma


Year 6 



Learning Log

Your Learning Log is on the theme of Space.


Next week we will be assessing the Learning Logs on the following days:

Tues: Alex/Anna, Jacob, Madeline, Izzy

Weds: Carrie, Noah, Isaac, Daniel, Harvey


Thank you for your support in helping your child’s learning.