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Forest School

This term Cherry Class and Sycamore Class will need their Forest School Kits.

Year 3 and 4 have Forest Schools on Wednesday mornings and KS1 have Forest Schools on Thursday Mornings

Forest School aims to provide children with a supportive and inspirational opportunity to develop new skills and further their own learning and understanding in an outdoor environment.

Through hands on experiences children explore their physical capabilities. The use of tools enables them to understand how materials can be utilised whilst the practise of working in all weather conditions develops their resilience and problem solving skills.

Time is given for children to reflect on and respond to the world around them. Although this includes the sharing of facts such as plant names and uses, it aims to reach into, stimulate and invigorate children’s imaginations and natural curiosities. A stick is no longer ‘just’ a stick but the starting point for a magical adventure together.

The opportunity to fail is held with as much regard as the opportunity to succeed. The supportive group that is created to provide encouragement and words of wisdom demonstrates the linguistic and emotionally supportive ethos that Forest School aims to promote.  

Collaborative learning enables children to take on multiple roles. This may be linked to their own interests and ideas or to a new found skill that they are keen to share with others. Children’s emotional intelligence is strengthened and supported via the group and their own approach to given opportunities.

Built around children’s interests, questions and ideas, Forest School provides children with the skills to turn potential dangers into controlled risks, the time to turn problems into solutions and an appreciation of the world outside as an ever changing canvas of opportunity.

Laura Marsland-Hughes (Forest School Leader)

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