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Learning in Maple Core subjects

Learning about fractions 



Reading English and Mathematics

In Maple the day begins with reading and spelling practice. We follow the Little Wandle literacy scheme with reading books closely matched to children's reading abilities.

For reading comprehension we follow Ashley Booth, which selects a varitey of challenging texts, including  fiction, non fiction, songs and poetry.  We use VIPERS to support this, looking at the meanings of specific vocabulary in the text, and using our reading skills to infer, predict and explain different aspects of the text.  We often discuss authorial intent and features within the text to support children in their writing, as well as their reading comprehension.  

For spelling we use bridge to spelling, from Little Wandle.  This carefully researched approach to spelling supports children to understand the rules behind how words are spelt, through a systematic approach.  Children learn how we came to have certain spelling conventions as well as at the etymology of words. 


Mathematics is taught every day using the White Rose Education scheme.  Each year group works on seperate topics, which are built on as children progress through school and children revist mathematical concepts regularly. Some topics covered in year 2 are time, place value, addition and subtraction, posiition and direction and measurement. In year 3 learning is built on further by revisitiing these topics, revising prior learning and adding new concepts.  Maths is taught using concrete objects, before moving onto pictoral and then abstract representations.  

We use the White Rose maths scheme within school.  This scheme is widely used across many schools and focuses on children gaining a deep understanding of mathematical concepts This is done by supporting children's understanding using concrete representations (such as objects) before moving on to pictoral representations (diagrams), before introducing more abstract mathematical concepts.  

Learing is carefully sequenced with each topic building on learning from previous units.  Children work in maths books that have been designed by White Rose.  



Science is taught in Maple each week.  We use a curriculum called Developing Experts which is carefully sequenced to build on prior knowledge and develop scientific skills. 

Some topics we have covered this year are plants, forces and magnets, sound and animals including humans.  In each lesson there is usually an opportunity to ask scientific enquiry questions, carry out a fair test and record the results of experiments.  

Learning encourages children to ask questions about the world around them, simulating inspiration and awe about the natural world.  We strive to put learning into context by providing science based school trips that encourage children to ask questions and make connections within their learning.  Most recently we have visited Harlow Carr. During this trip children were able to see first hand how pollination happens, as well as seeing and handling different types of seeds and finding out how these are dispersed. We will also be visiting the science museum Eureka!


Scientific enquires and science school trips.

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