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As we sometimes have small cohorts it is not always appropriate for us to publish a detailed report of children's results. However, a summary can be found below, and full performance tables are available at the link below.

2018 Key Stage 2 Results

  • Average progress score in reading: 2.94
  • Average progress score in writing: 2.22
  • Average progress score in maths 0.09
  • Average scaled score in reading was 102
  • Average scaled score in maths was 98.7
  • 33% of pupils achieved the expected standard or higher in reading, writing and maths
  • 0% of pupils achieved a high level of attainment in reading. writing and maths


2016 Key Stage 2 Results

  • 78% of children scored above national expectations in reading, grammar punctuation and spelling. 71% made expected or better progress in reading from Key Stage 1, 62.5% made expected or better progress from Key Stage 2 in  writing.
  • 66% of children scored above national expectations in mathematics, with 42% making expected or better progress over time. 
  • Our average scaled scores for 2016 were 106 in reading, 104 in SPaG and 101 in mathematics. 

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