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Our Christian Values: Dignity Community Hope Wisdom

These are our schools core Christian values. We represent these on our hand to make it easier for us to remember and to relate them to symbolism.  For example, they can be used in worship when prayers are said with hands together. We use our other hand to link our core values to our school rules. God guides us in all we do as we join our hands together to make our school.


The children learn about the core values in collective worship, R.E and P.S.H.E lessons and the value of the week, is displayed around the school.  Children are praised and rewarded for showing the value through team points, verbal praise and in celebration worship. 

Our values underpin the British Values of


•The rule of law

•Individual liberty

•Mutual respect

•Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

As a Church school, we re-enforce British Values through our collective worship. Throughout our RE and PHSE curriculum we promote British Christian values and educate our pupils about the other faiths and beliefs.

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