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Birch Class Autumn Term - September to October 2017


Welcome to Birch Class!

We have had an exciting start to the year and there have been many opportunities for us to take on extra responsibilities within school such as:

  • Worship Committee
  • School Parliament
  • School Prefects
  • Sports Council
  • Team captains

Literacy Focus

Narrative Writing

We have been using the story of Beowulf as part of our work on narrative writing. This links with our History Focus. We have enjoyed looking at the power of the imagery, the elements of myth and legend and how these make for good storytelling.



We have looked at the features of playscripts and practised turning stories into scripts and created our own plays. We are looking forward to creating our own original scripts and performing them.

Literacy - SPaG

  • Spelling

We have been using the words from our Spellingbee list (SEE Appendix) in our morning spelling focus. We use these every morning to practise using them in writing sentences. These are MUST learn statutory spellings, so it’s very important to get them right.

  • Punctuation

We are focusing on showing a range of punctuation every time we write so that it becomes automatic. We are moving from :

Capital letters & full stops> Commas> ! And ?> dashes> brackets> : > ; > … ( ellipsis) > hyphens. Lots to remember!!

  • Grammar

Getting your tenses right is vital to write in Standard English. We are learning that without good grammar it’s hard to understand what the writer means.


This half-term we have concentrated on securing our knowledge of :

Place Value

Negative Numbers






Times Tables

By Year 5 and 6 children NEED to be confident knowing multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12.

This will make ALL their calculations faster and more accurate.

Each week there will be a Mathletics Times Table Course to help your child become more proficient.

You could challenge each other to get quicker!

Whole school trip : Anglo-Saxons at the Yorkshire Museum

•We learned that a wife would stay at home weaving. That is where the word wife comes from. ‘Husband’, comes from being  housebound . The woman was in charge of the money in the home and her husband could only leave the house with his wife’s permission.

Friday 9th October 2017

•There’s not much written evidence left from Viking times. Illuminated manuscripts were written by the Venerable Bede and Gilda. They were monks who recorded the the Anglo-Saxon chronicles. We had a chance to start illuminating our own manuscripts. They took some time!

  • Bracelets

We enjoyed plaiting bracelets- the Anglo-Saxons created lots of their own jewellery .

  • Helmets

We created images of Viking helmets using silver paper, holes and a pencil.

What we have learnt from our visit


History and DT

•Our DT focus is to build an Anglo-Saxon long house. We have to use similar techniques using:

  • Weaving and
  • Wattle and daub

We have learned about the features of an Anglo- Saxon house.

We are creating our own models using similar methods.

Writing Course at Riverside School

Four lucky children were selected to take part in a writing course.. They met the author, Colin R Parsons and had the opportunity to buy signed books. They wrote their own stories where they could shift to another time dimension using the same characters.

The children learned a lot and said:

Able Writers

Year 3/4 Football

Year 3 and 4 went to a football tournament and had a great time. Although they did not win, they did not let this dampen their spirits. They continued into the play off for third and fourth place. This paid off, as they won this motch putting them in third place.

Tag Rugby

Some children got the chance to take part in a Tag Rugby 'mini' tournament. They did very well considering the rain lashed down. They didn't let this get them down. 

Football Trials

Two Children have been givent the opportunity to take part in football trials for Bradford City. This is such a wonderful opportunity for them. Good Luck!

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