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School Sports Grant

Sports Premium 2018-19

  Our funding for this year is £16,350.  Our aims this year are as follows:

  • To continue to improve children’s fitness and participation on a range of sports and activities
  • To develop children’s leadership in sport and throughout the curriculum
  • To develop the PE curriculum and extra curricular activities
  • To develop stronger links with local sports clubs.
  • To increase the number of inter-school competitions between our schools.
  • To survey children on their participation in sports both in school and out of school and any club links they might have.
  • To achieve Gold level recognition by Sainsbury’s School Games, reflecting our commitment to sport and PE.
  • To improve teachers' subject knowledge through on-going professional development.

We have employed our specialist sports teachers Mrs Taylor and Mr Loudon for two afternoons each week, and also offer swimming in line with National Curriculum requirements.  In addition we employ staff to support adventurous activities including forest sessions and active play supervision at lunchtimes.

We will be looking at the school curriculum to create more opportunities to highlight healthy lifestyles. We will use sports premium to fund membership of the Sports Leadership programme and provide bespoke PE leadership and access to cluster events. 

Schools are required to publish data relating to swimming attainment outcomes, however we are suppressing this data due to the small cohort (in the same way that national data is suppressed for KS2 outcomes). 



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