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Remote learning information for Cherry class

Remote learning during school closures:

Mrs. Arnold will contact you via Tapestry to provide you with links to online learning for Maths, English (including phonics) and additional subjects that may be covered in school that week. Please do let us know if you need help logging into your Tapestry account. 

There will be a timetable for the week, with daily links to lessons and videos.  Each year group will have daily zoom calls as well as whole class zooms once a week.

You can share your child's work with Mrs. Arnold via Tapestry by adding an observation, which will allow Mrs. Arnold to give feedback. Please also use Tapestry if you have any questions or would like further support.

Children have been given a pack including workbooks, reading books and paper copies of worksheets/activities.  If you require additional paper copies please get in touch.

Children in school will access the same learning as children at home, supported by school staff.

There is a guide of an average of 3 hours a day learning time for children in Key Stage 1, but less may be appropriate for some children, especially our younger children in Reception.  This is to include a range of learning activities, including outdoor/physical activities.

Additionally you can access the following websites to support your child's learning:

Numbots: https://play.numbots.com/
TT Rockstars: https://play.ttrockstars.com/ttrs/online/play?mode=garage

If your child is in Year 1 or Year 2, their Numbots and TTRockstars usernames were sent to you via Tapestry last year. These details remain the same. 

Reading: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/  (you may need to create a free account, here you will find lots of books that match your child's current book band)

Phonics Play: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/
Unfortunately the phonics play free access has now ended, however, some games are still availble to play.

ICT Games: https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/literacy.html
This website has a vaiety of phonics (English) and maths games.

Remote learning during isolation periods when school is otherwise open

Mrs. Arnold will contact you via Tapestry to set work, and provide you with links to home learning activities.  Your child will also be provided with a pack of activities (where possible).  Please use Tapestry to post observations to share your child's work, and ask any questions.  Mrs. Arnold will give feedback using Tapestry.  


Please remember to post observations to Tapestry, including photos of completed 'work' tasks for feedback.


How to upload to Tapestry

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